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South Big Horn County Hospital Imaging Services

Why choose South Big Horn County Hospital?

When you choose South Big Horn County Hospital for your imaging procedure, you entrust your patient's diagnosis to the South Big Horn County's leading radiology and diagnostic experts.

South Big Horn County Hospital's expertise is matched by our commitment to your convenience and your patient's comfort. Our facility has flexible hours and can accommodate urgent scheduling.

For accuracy, technology and professionalism, you can rely on South Big Horn County Hospital Imaging Services.
Referring is easy

Step 1: Schedule an appointment

To make an appointment, call:

When scheduling, you'll be asked for this patient information:

1) Full legal name
2) Date of birth
3) Social Security number
4) Ordering physician
5) Imaging exam to be performed
6) Reason for exam (signs or symptoms)
7) Insurance coverage (name of insurance and authorization number if required)

Note: The patient should be advised to bring their insurance card and photo ID to the appointment. Co-pays and deductibles are due at the appointment time.

Step 2: Fax Imaging Order and Demographics to:


Note: Some patient procedures require specific patient preparation. Patient preparation information is available when scheduling the procedure. Remind the patient to come 15 minutes early with their insurance information/card (carrier name, I.D. or claim number) and the Imaging Order.

Step 3: Patient results are faxed to ordering provider

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Questions about South Big Horn County Hospital

Imaging Services?

Call 307-568-3311.

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Every Wednesday

7:00 am to 9:00 am




Reduced Lab Tests
Payment for lab work is required at the time of appointment
Every Wednesday from 7:00am-9:00am

No Appointment Necessary

Questions call (307) 568-3311

Make sure to drink plenty of water the night before your lab draw and take your regularly scheduled medication.

The patient is responsible for getting a copy of the lab results to their provider.

See the banner above for the type of lab tests

Sarah Watt, PA-C ~ Physician Assistants


*We will be recognized as a premier healthcare provider by striving:
*To provide the highest possible quality of healthcare services in a professional way within the framework of every available and reasonable resource.
*To utilize creative and innovative ways to provide for the healthcare needs of the community.

Questions or Comments
Please email

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