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    CNA - Nursing Home / Hospital
    The certified nursing assistant position provides quality nursing care to residents; implements specific procedures and programs; coordinates work within the department, as well as with other departments; reports pertinent information to the immediate supervisor; responds to inquiries or requests for information; and assists the immediate supervisor with tasks to support department operations.


    Education: High School diploma or equivalent preferred.

    Licensure: CNA Certification.

    Work Experience: Health Care industry experience

    Ability to build good working habits and relationships among the staff as well as other departmental staff. Employee must demonstrate on an ongoing basis the ability to develop and maintain good working relationships with co-workers and other departments.


    Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
    1. Provides quality nursing care to residents in an environment that promotes their rights, dignity, freedom of choice and individuality as illustrated by the following:
    a. Provides individualized attention, which encourages each resident's ability to maintain or attain the highest practical physical, mental and psychosocial well-being.
    b. Is knowledgeable of the individualized care plan for residents, and provides support to the residents according to their care plan. Contributes to the care planning process by providing the charge nurse or other care planning staff with specific information and observations of the residents' needs and preferences.
    c. Attends to the individual needs of residents, which may include assistance with grooming, bathing, oral hygiene, feeding, incontinent care, toileting, colostomy care, prosthetic appliances, transferring, ambulation, range of motion, communicating or other needs in keeping with the individuals' care requirements.
    d. Maintains the comfort, privacy, and dignity of residents in the delivery of services to them. Interacts with residents in a manner that displays warmth and promotes a caring environment.
    e. Fully understands all aspects of residents' rights, including the right to be free of restraints and free of abuse. Is responsible for promptly reporting to the charge nurse or administrative staff incidents or evidence of resident abuse or violation of residents' rights.
    f. Assists in maintaining a safe, neat and clean environment; reports environmental deficiencies to the charge nurse such as lighting or equipment problems.
    g. Protects the personal belongings of each resident, including eyeglasses, dentures, hearing aids, furnishings, jewelry, clothing and memorabilia. Promptly reports missing items according to established policy and participates in efforts to locate missing items.
    h. Observes residents for changes in condition or behavior and promptly reports these changes to appropriate licensed nursing personnel.
    i. Provides care that maintains each resident's skin integrity to prevent pressure ulcers, skin tears and other damage by changing incontinent residents, turning, repositioning immobile residents and by applying moisturizers to fragile skin and other areas.
    j. Answers residents' call bells promptly and courteously.
    k. Performs various tasks assigned by the charge nurse, including checking vital signs, weighing residents, applying creams/ointments and collecting specimens.
    l. Assists with orienting residents and their families to the nursing home on admission and to the unit when transfers occur.
    m. Lifts, moves and transports residents, using proper body mechanics or lifting devices for accident prevention.
    n. Communicates and interacts effectively and tactfully with the residents, visitors, families, peers and supervisors.
    o. Assists and escorts residents for appointments such as at the beauty shop or attending activities or church services. Participates in activities and functions as directed.
    p. Practices careful and efficient use of supplies and linen and follows established charge procedures for resident charge items.
    q. Completes certified nursing assistant records documenting care provided or other information in keeping with department policies.
    r. Performs all job responsibilities in accordance with prescribed safety and infection control procedures, including thorough hand washing, use of disposable gloves where indicated and proper disposal of soiled materials.
    s. Walks extensively to and from various locations of the unit while making rounds and transports residents within the facility.
    t. Promotes a homelike environment for residents.
    2. Responds to inquiries relating to his or her particular area or to requests from residents, visitors and other personnel within given time frames and established policy.

    NOTE: The essential functions are intended to describe the general content of and requirements of this position and are not intended to be exhaustive statements of duties. Specific tasks or responsibilities will be documented as outlined by the incumbent's immediate manager.

    Additional Information
    Position Type : Full Time
    Shift : Other
    Ref Code: 20170220006
    Contact Information
    South Big Horn County Hospital District
    388 South US Highway 20
    Basin, WY 82410
    Phone: 307-568-3311

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